Season Pass
Jackpot Each Week (14 weeks)

Grand Prize Guaranteed Minimum $200.00

2018 Standings to Date

 Are you ready for some Football?
 About Season Pass
Our football pool will once again be hosted by a site called We've been using this site now for about 3 full seasons and it works very nicely. 
Unfortunately due to the time constraints I will not be able to support non-season pass holder entries in the football pool this year. If you want to be in the football pool you must purchase a Season Pass in order to participate.

NOTE: There's only one entry allowed per person per week.

So without any further discussion, let's proceed to getting you signed up and making your 1st weeks picks for OHCC Season Pass 2018.

As I've indicated on the advertising pages of the website the cost this year is now $129.  So once you click on the link below to enter the site, follow the instructions and fill out this week's pick sheet.


You have until Septmeber 8th to pay for your Season Pass. You have the option of paying by check or cash.  SORRY no
member charging this year.

Your membership comes with a list of benefits that can be found on the Orchard Hills website.
I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. It will certainly be a huge time saver for me each week.

Thank you again for your concern and your desire to continue the Season Pass.

Good luck with your picks this season.

  For those of you that are football enthusiasts this is an opportunity to get together and celebrate the weeks successes and failures of your favorite college and professional teams.

Built around a progressive football pool that has you select the winners of 10 football games each week. You select these winners in the order of your confidence of their success. You are awarded points each time your teams win a game. The number of points your teams win is determined by the position you placed them when you selected.

The Season Pass 2018 refers to the 14 week season we will be starting September 8th. Your Season Pass will include a bundle of benefits. 1st and foremost is your entry each week into the weekly football pool. Along with payouts each week there is a grand prize to be awarded to the persons with the highest average points for the 14 week season. The only way you can qualify for this grand prize is to be a Season Pass holder.

CLICK HERE for more information, or contact Jon Sams at or Carl Irby at
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